P.O. BOX 9724
The Senior-Junior Forum will award 4 scholarships of $2000 each for one academic year only paid in two equal installments ($1000 in the fall and $1000 in the spring). The scholarships will be awarded to deserving undergraduate male or female students either currently attending or planning to attend Midwestern State University or Vernon College in Wichita Falls, Texas. Students must be enrolled full-time (minimum of 12 hours). They must keep their GPA at a 2.5 or above average to receive the spring installment.
The scholarship recipients will be selected on the basis of:
  1. Grade point average (2.5 or above)
  2. Ranking in class (beginning freshmen only)
  3. SAT and ACT scores (beginning freshmen only)
  4. Social and/or community involvement
  5. Financial need - ALL financial assistance that applicant is receiving will be reviewed to determine applicant’s need.
The application must include all of the following:
  1. Completed application (attached)
  2. Personal letter from the student stating reasons for applying and goals for the future.
  3. A copy of a high school and/or college transcript.
  4. Two letters of recommendation
    • One from a high school counselor or faculty advisor or professor.
    • One from a professional or business person who has known you for at least two years.
Applications should be submitted to:
Senior-Junior Forum
Attn: Scholarship Chairman
PO Box 9724
Wichita Falls, TX 76308
This year’s deadline for submitting the application is April 1st.
Scholarship recipients must reapply each year. Scholarship awards are limited to a maximum of two academic years per recipient.
Download the application in PDF format. Click here: Scholarship Application 2022